The nickname frequently used to refer to a list of people who have permanently been banned from all Nevada casinos. People within the "black book" have been referenced from a list of officially maintained by either the Nevada Gaming Control Board or the "Griffin Book," a panel whose information is shared among casinos statewide.

Generally, people listed in the Black Book are essentially "blacklisted," usually suspected of having, or known to have ties to organized crime, or professionally cheating the casino. Those listed may be anyone perceived as a "threat" to the casino or its profits or use legal means to win such as ...

  • Card Counters
  • Card Markers
  • Those who try to cheat slot machines
  • Players that are believed to be winning too much or too often.

Black Book keeps detailed pictures either obtained from a photo of the individual when detained or from surveillance photos. The most famous person listed in Nevada's Black Book is none other than Frank Sinatra who had purchased the Cal-Neva Lodge in Crystal Bay in 1963. His establishment was shutdown per the Nevada Gaming Board when he allowed a famous mob boss to stay at his hotel.

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