A 60-acre impoundment reservoir, 22 miles southeast of Denio Junction.

Bilk Creek Reservoir was constructed during the 1950s and remains a privately-owned and operated impoundment built strictly for irrigation. Like all irrigation reservoirs in the state, Bilk is subject to major drawdowns during drought years. The lake usually retains a year-round source of water coming in from Bilk Creek, a lengthy, spring-fed stream that drains the entire Bilk Creek Mountains, a range that extends north into Harney County, Oregon.

Through a partnership with the Nevada Department of Wildlife (NDOW), public access is permitted year-round for fishing and light boating. Shallow depth and remote location aside, the lakes produces outstanding catch rates of mostly Rainbow Trout, and a small population of Largemouth Bass, making it a somewhat "locals only" secret. Primitive camping takes place on the south and west shorelines.

How To Get HereEdit

Direct access from SR 140, 22 miles southeast of Denio Junction. Signed as "Bilk Creek Res."