A shallow 212-acre impoundment reservoir located at the northern end of the Sheldon National Wildlife Refuge, 131 miles northwest of Winnemucca.

Big Springs Reservoir was originally developed as an irrigation impoundment for the Dufurrena Ponds and the Lower Virgin Valley.  Although it was originally privately-owned, water rights and administrative authority have been explicably controlled by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service and made accessible to the public.

Despite its very remote location, just 5 miles south of the Oregon state line, Big Springs attracts anglers yearly with a guaranteed supply of year-round water and average catch rates of 5 fish per day thanks to a mandated fish stocking of Rainbow Trout made by the Nevada Department of Wildlife.

How To Get HereEdit

Find direct access from SR 140, 31 miles west of Denio Junction.  Signed as "Big Springs Res."