4th longest valley in Nevada

The Big Smoky Valley of central Nevada separates the Toiyabe Range and Toquima Range for approximately 100 miles. The valley extends from just north of US 50 (east of Austin) stretching south to Tonopah, a valley so large that it takes up real estate in three counties -- Lander, Nye, and a small chunk of Esmeralda.

The valley was given its name due to its regular hazy distances and one of the state's great mysteries is the origins of its haze. Many geologists believe the haze is the result of condensation (and residual early morning moisture) that remains trapped in the valley from its two very high neighboring mountain ranges.

Over thirty major waterways and perennial streams, including the North Twin River and South Twin River, drains into the Big Smoky Valley. The two main staples of ranching and agriculture take place in the valley's headquarters at Carvers.  Seven smaller communities make up the valley's total population of 2,500 spread out over ninety miles. Above all else though, it's the open-pit gold mine at Round Mountain that provides the valley's single most important cash flow.