A prominent major stream on the west side of the Toiyabe Range, 12 miles south of Austin.

In combination with Groves Lake, Big Creek drains the southern flank of Arc Dome and empties into the Reese River in the Reese River Valley. This 24.4 mile-long stream provides a center of activity for recreation in the Toiyabe Range

The Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest operates a maintained 26-site campground with full hookups. Although a healthy wild trout population already exists in the stream, Big Creek is one of the major waterways on the trout stocking list for the Nevada Division of Wildlife (NDOT), planting an average of 4,000 fish per year.

How To Get HereEdit

Find Big Creek by accessing SR 722, 3 miles east of Austin then south on the unpaved Big Creek Road for 11 miles to the creek.

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