Ash Springs is a small ranching community in the Pahranagat Valley immediately north of Alamo on US 93. Commuters coming from the north on US 93 pass through Ash Springs before entering Alamo. Due to the towns' immediate proximity to each other, locals refer to both towns as one singular population center: "Alamo."

Ash Springs is a natural desert oasis, part of a series of natural springs in the area, which sits in the middle of the stark Mojave Desert landscape. "Ash Springs" consists of a small community and both Big Ash and Little Ash, the natural hot springs which attract visitors year-round.

Today, all services are located in Alamo, a short minute's drive south. Ash Springs mostly caters to visitors, specifically avid "soakers" who flock to the Ash Springs Resort.


Founded: 1902 (?)

Zip Code: N/A

Population: 151 (2010)

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